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Hi, I’m Tom (CTO) working alongside my wife Tam (COO), bringing together our passion for plants. Tam’s marketing expertise and my experience in design and manufacture have combined to create to[m]tam (Latin: complete). The company was formed almost 2 years ago, and we are based in London. 


I have worked for over 10 years designing products and bringing them to market, travelling back and forth regularly to China for projects. Our chairman also has over 40 years of expertise in both manufacture and supply chains.


We have a modest team with a wide range of skillsets in marketing, logistics, design and manufacture and we have only excitement, for the road ahead.


Totam Ltd

Totam Ltd is a registered company in the UK, details of which can be found at companies house (registration number: 13508755)


Our founders/directors are:


Thomas Cody (Chief Technology Officer)



Tamara Cody  (Chief Operating Officer)

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