The modular, vertical indoor garden. Design yours today.

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Meet totam – a modular self-watering indoor garden designed to enhance your space, personalised to your taste – we can’t wait to see what you create!

Build your own totam using a combination of modules

Grow your way using a combination of different modules to build your perfect tower.

Self-watering hydroponics

Totam makes it easy to care for your plants – using hydroponic/aeroponic technology, plant roots are directly watered without the use of any soil. 

Scheduled lighting at the touch of a button

Samsung horticultural LED’s power totam’s grow light, bathing your plants in the wavelengths of light they need to stimulate growth. the grow bar uses just 12W of light when growing and less than 1 watt when showcasing your plants in ‘ambient mode’.

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See it in action

See the amazing timelapse footage we’ve recorded of totam over the past 6 months.

Watch our promo video to see what totam is all about.

Full control and guidance through the totam app

Schedule totam’s watering and lighting; discover tips and tricks to get the most out of your smart planter.

Extremely compact to maximise grow space

Totam’s modular design and small footprint helps you to grow more plants, anywhere in your home.



Launching soon on Kickstarter

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Ambient mode showcases your plants at night

By day, totam’s smart light accelerates plant growth.

By night, it showcases your plants with beautifully warm and soft light, using less than 1 watt of energy.

Meet the modules


Grow tall


Grow many


Grow nutritious

Infinite possibilities to create your own tower and grow your way

We know that everyone has a unique style so we designed totam to be completely modular, allowing you to create your own design. 

Grow food, flowers, succulents or greens.
Click below to discover some of our favourite combinations.

Designed for both food and decorative plants

We’ve designed totam to look epic with every plant type. so, what will you grow?









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Launching soon on Kickstarter

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