Addons and Accessories Galore

See our range of addons available at launch.

Totam Go

So you’ve grown some amazing plants in totam, now it’s time to expand your jungle!


Move plants from totam to totam go and place them around your home. 


Totam go is a passive (no electricity) hydroponic plant pot that’s just as easy to use as totam. Just fill it up with nutrient water whenever the level stick drops out of sight.

And just like totam, grow and style it your way. Fill the top with decorative stones to personalise the look and grow flowers, succulents, food and so much more!


Expand your grow area, grow climbing and trailing plants of all types (try decorative Ivy, or edible runner beans).


Link multiple trellis’ together to expand even further!

Extra Grow Bar

Need more light? If you want to expand your grow area by using a trellis or to grow extremely tall plants – it’s as easy as plugging in a second grow bar.

Wall Mounting Kit

Reclaim your countertops by attaching totam to the wall. 


Screw the metal bracket to a wall, slide on Totam and secure with a single screw.


Pot Inserts

All modules come with pot-inserts but you may wish to add extra for use in Totam Go or to transfer plants to soil (indoors or out).

Pods / Grow Medium

Peat pods for growing from seed, or other grow medium for propagating (cloning from clippings) or replanting (replacing soil).

We do not use proprietary grow medium and we actively encourage you to source your own – there will be plenty of guides!

To ensure you get off to a quick start add some of our peat pods to your order.

Everything else...

– Nutrient concentrate

– Microgreen wicking pads

– Seeds (including microgreens)

Our ecommerce store will be opened after the conclusion of the campaign and additional items can be added to your order.

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