Samsung class-leading LEDs power Totam's grow bar

The design choices behind the totam grow bar are all about efficiency of power and providing a unique and premium aesthetic.


Samsung Horticultural LEDs power the totam grow bar, requiring just 12 Watts of energy. This low power consumption is achieved through efficient heat removal via the die-cast aluminum grow bar which acts as a heatsink.

Ambient mode showcases your plants at night​

By day, totam’s smart light accelerates plant growth.

By night, it showcases your plants with beautifully warm and soft light, using less than 1 watt of energy.

Need more light?

If you want to expand your towers – using a trellis, extra modules or growing very tall plants – it’s as easy as plugging in a second grow bar.

Control lighting schedules manually or automatically through the totam app

Choose between manual and automatic lighting modes.


Automatic: Ambient mode is synced with sunrise and sunset, Grow mode is gradually increased/reduced with the rise and fall of the sun.


Manual: Set your own times and brightness throughout the day giving you full control to grow your way

Infinitely Adjustable

Infinitely adjustable grow bar can be directed at any angle and extended to increase its distance from the plant canopy

Low Running Cost

At 12 hours a day, 365 days a year – it would cost just $8 a year to run totam's grow light

Ambient Mode

The grow bar uses less than 1 watt of energy when showcasing your plants in 'ambient mode'

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