Packed with features that will delight

We’ve spent years designing, testing and refining totam to make it a joy to use. Along the way we’ve added tonnes of features that we know you’ll love!

Compact size fits into every home

Totam’s unique vertical design allows a lot of plants to grow in an incredibly small footprint (31cm x 13cm / 12″ x 5″), saving valuable counterspace.

Repairable components ensure totam lasts

We strongly believe good design stands the test of time which is why we selected premium and durable materials.


We also ensured totam can be easily repaired by making both the LED grow bar and pump replaceable (but don’t worry, the grow bar and pump are rated to last >10 and >5 years respectively).

Upgrade over time

Replaceable components also mean upgradeable components. We have added spare ports to cater for additional lights, pumps and addons.

Totam App

Enhance your experience with the Totam App:


– Setup totam in minutes

– Sync multiple totams together

– Log and track their progress

– Notifications for low water levels

– Set multiple or individual lighting and watering schedules

– Design and purchase totams, addons and consumables

– Guides for just about everything

Create truly unique and wonderful wall art

Totam’s small depth of just 125mm (5 inches) makes it suitable to be wall-mounted.

Create wonderful living walls, vibrant floral displays or enticing edible gardens – without sacrificing any counter space.

Addons galore

At launch we will be offering the following addons:

– Modules (of course!)

– Trellis – for extending the grow area

– Totam Go (to be revealed)

– Additional tandem grow bar

– Spare parts (pump, grow bar)

– Consumables (seed pods, pot inserts, grow medium, nutrients, etc)

Removeable water tank

Slide out totam’s water tank to easily refill, or remove the whole tank for a deeper clean.

Premium Materials

BPA-free food safe plastic modules, bamboo front and aluminium grow bar – a premium look and feel to compliment your home.

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