Three Modules to mix and match

Totam’s superpower is its modularity, with three different types of modules, you can grow almost anything!

Vertical Modules

Grow plants with no height limit – our unique adjustable light bar can illuminate plants from every angle without compromising on light quality.


Vertical modules can also be used to grow plants that like to trail, such as strawberries.

Horizontal Modules

Get productive and grow up to 16 plants. Horizontal modules are a great way to grow bushy plants and are perfect for foodies who like variety.

We love growing walls of lettuce and compact herbs like micro-basil and thyme.

Microgreen Modules

Small but powerful, microgreens are packed full of nutrients and flavour to elevate mealtimes!

Totams unparalleled design can grow a lot of microgreens in just a small countertop footprint – there is no other planter quite like it!

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