Launching on Kickstarter in February

Prelaunch Offer

Reserve today for $10 to save $100 and receive one FREE module at launch

US$99 $199

Why should I reserve and how does the prelaunch offer work?

The prelaunch offer is only available before we launch on Kickstarter next month!


Reserving now provides you access to our Prelaunch Reward tier which offers up to $60 of savings including a free horizontal module.

Design and cost your own totam with Totam Builder

Use Totam Builder to configure your perfect layout and then fill with plants to bring your vision to life.

Please wait for Totam Builder to load below


When do you launch?

Our Kickstarter Campaign will launch in the next few weeks!

Keep your eyes open for launch update emails.

What about shipping?

We ship globally! 

We will be shipping in bulk to strategic distribution warehouses across the world.

Estimated shipping costs to US & Canada are USD25 / CAD35

How do I add modules?

Modules, bundles and other addons will be available during our Kickstarter campaign.

Is totam a subscription model?

Subscription models hurt both people’s wallets and the environment. We actively support your right to use your own grow medium, seeds and nutrients in totam. We will provide guides and recommendations for those who would prefer not to use our organic and biodegradable pods and other consumables.

What consumables do I need?

Nutrients, seeds and grow medium.


Our biodegradable peat pods (grow medium) are designed for seeds, propagation and replanting though you could also use alternatives such as Perlite, Rockwool and Peat.


Most hydroponic nutrients will work well with totam, the nutrients we ship are based on an NPK of 5-10-40, which is a great all-rounder, used for all of our timelapses.

Is it organic?

That's ultimately your decision, if you opt for organic seeds and use our organic pods, then yes! If you choose different grow mediums, seeds or nutrients then you will need to check that they are organic too.

Can I plug in a second light?

Absolutely, yes! Totam supports two lights and has extra ports for future upgrades.

What if something breaks?

We will replace any unit that is damaged or non-functional when it arrives.


We believe in your right-to-repair and we strongly believe in avoiding sending products to landfill. Totams modular design allows for replacement of individual parts, and we have ensured that the pump and the grow bar are replaceable without the use of tools.

Didn't you used to be called Totem?

Our company name has always been Totam Ltd, but the product was called Totem planter in 2022, which has since been changed to Totam planter.

You can read more about it here: Name Change – Totam

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