Self-watering hydroponics

Totam uses a combination of both aeroponics and hydroponics, in an innovative and patented hybrid system.


Hydro/aero-what? – Hydroponics are the watering and feeding of plants without using soil. Aeroponics take this further by suspending the plant’s roots in air, so they have constant access to water, nutrients, and oxygen.

Roots love totam

Totam periodically provides nutrient water directly to the roots for increased growth rate – up to 5x(!) vs potted plants.

Goodbye Root Rot

Roots that are deprived of oxygen develop root rot which is the number one killer of houseplants. Totam provides a constant supply of oxygen to the roots, eliminating root rot.

5x faster than potted plants

Plants have constant access to nutrients and oxygen which greatly increases the speed of growth and the final yield size.

Low water use

Greatly reduced water consumption (up to 95% less than soil).


Plants can be grown much closer together as their root systems are far more compact.

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