Totem Planter becomes Totam Planter

Today, 6th January 2023, we have taken the decisive steps to change the Totem Planter product name, this is in light of our own recent education into how the use of certain terms can amount to Cultural Appropriation. 


We are deeply sorry for any harm caused by our use of the spiritual word ‘Totem’.

Didn't you just change one letter?

Totam Ltd is a UK company registered in July 2021 which precedes Totem Planter by 12 months. Totem Planter, as a name, was chosen in July 2022.


We do not believe that there is any clear (deliberate or accidental) association of Totam Planter to Totem Poles, in name, appearance, creative or copy, that could amount to cultural appropriation. 


Totam Ltd’s name was derived by combining the founders names Tom and Tam (husband and wife), and in Latin translates to Whole/Complete.

What content are you changing?

Totam Ltd did not use any creative or copy that can be seen to deliberately represent Totem Poles, changes are therefore isolated to the use of the word ‘Totem’.


All dynamic content has already or is in the process of being changed. 


Dynamic content refers to media and copy that does not have a timestamp and we are in full control of its distribution (e.g. website addresses, website content, emails, social media names, etc). 

The domain will redirect to until links that are already in circulation are no longer active (e.g. links sent in email communications and cached links across search engines and social platforms). 


All new static material (e.g. social posts) will use Totam Planter branding instead.


Why is the use of ' Totem ' as a product name not appropriate?

We found the following content to be especially helpful and relevant in our own self-assessment:


Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) : ‘A conversation about the meaning of Totem and a call for name suggestions’


Questions or comments?

We’d be happy to answer all questions.


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