Prelaunch Offer

Reserve today for £10 to save 50% and receive one FREE module at launch

£85 £170

Design and cost your own totam with Totam Builder

Use Totam Builder to configure your perfect layout and then fill with plants to bring your vision to life.

Please wait for Totam Builder to load below

Why should I reserve and how does the prelaunch offer work?

The prelaunch offer is only available before we launch on Kickstarter next month!


Reserving now guarantees Early Bird pricing (the lowest price reward tier) and a free horizontal module, which won’t be available to other backers during the campaign.


When do you launch?

Our Kickstarter Campaign will launch in the next few weeks!

Keep your eyes open for launch update emails.

Where do you ship?

We ship globally! 

We will be shipping in bulk to strategic distribution warehouses across the world.

How do I add modules?

Modules will be available as addons during our Kickstarter campaign where finalised pricing will be released.

You can use the Totam Builder web tool to estimate the launch price for your own design.

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